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Garlic Infused Olive Oil/ Roasted Garlic

This item is used in so many things I prepare in my kitchen that I have it in the fridge most of the year. Very easy to make and so useful. You will never need to buy garlic infused oil again. It lasts about two weeks in the fridge, and the cloves are great tossed with pasta.

1 cup olive oil

1 bulb of garlic, smaller cloves are better than big ones


Cut ends off of garlic cloves and take all skin off before cooking on low heat for about 6-8 minutes. Use a saute pan that is small enough for 1 cup of oil to cover cloves. Garlic will have air bubbles coming off the cloves like champagne bubbles. Do not let the cloves turn brown while cooking. Remove from heat and let cool. Oil and cloves will stay fresh in a covered jar for two weeks or more in the refrigerator. This has many uses as an oil or for the cooked cloves. I like the cloves in hummus, pasta or pizza. I use the oil for sauteing or dipping bread in.


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4 Responses to Garlic Infused Olive Oil/ Roasted Garlic

  • Diane Korolog says:

    I just tried making this oil with garlic cloves and it looks and smells wonderful. I attended your class today at Phillips Mushroom Co. It was educational and delicious! You have a new fan!

    • Kurt Jacobson says:

      Thanks Diane! I am so glad you were able to attend the class. You should get several uses out of your home made garlic infused olive oil. Feel free to share the recipe with friends and family.

  • Doug Hamley says:

    Hi Kurt, finally got a chance to make some of this for my mushrooms and other stuff–works well–see you at the next demo at Phillips.

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