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  • Sandra King says:


    I represent Monterey Travel Board, and we’d love to quote your tweet: “”

    We are working on a fun campaign where we gather things people say about Monterey on social networks, and add the quote to an ad. Your twitter username will be referenced as well. The ads will go in travel magazines around the US.

    If you’re okay with us using your quote, please send us your consent to!

    Let me know if you have any questions at all, and thanks so much for your time!


  • Karen Stewart says:

    Way to go Kurt! What a fun and delicious looking website and facebook blog. I cannot
    wait to try some of these great recipes. Since Pat and I have been the recipents of lots of your wonderful cooking, think it just fabulous that you are showing the world your great secrets. Bravo! Believe me, I will share this great site.
    Best Wishes for a huge sucess with this new endeavor.
    Karen Stewart

    • Kurt Jacobson says:

      Thanks Karen. Now that the site is up and running I hope you enjoy the recipes and let me know how they turn out.


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